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A Colour Therapy System Proven Effective For Wide Range of Health Conditions

- Historically Used  Extensively by Medical Practitioners


The developer of the Spectro-Chrome system was Indian inventor Dinshah P. Ghadiali (1873-1966), who was highly gifted in electronic technologies and medicine.


The creation of this system occurred when the daughter of one of his colleagues become seriously ill, not responding to any conventional treatments. As her condition worsened, Dinshah remembered the works and successes of Babbitt, who had tackled a similar sickness with indigo-coloured light radiation.

Dinshah placed a kerosene lamp in front of an indigo-coloured glass bottle and with this he radiated his young patient, who visibly recovered under the treatment.

This was the birth of Spectro-Chrome therapy. Dinshah wanted to understand scientifically why simple coloured light had proved so successful. So from that time on he devoted himself to developing and researching colour light therapy.

Dinshah Ghadiali (1873-1966)

developed the Spectro-Chrome system of healing, after 23 years of exhaustive scientific evaluation. This was based on the relationship between colors and specific areas of the body.



The spectrochrome is a projector, used with specialized coloured filters to irradiate colours onto parts of the patient's body.


Dinshah emphasized several factors he considered important for the success of this system.


  • The light source needs to be from an  incandescent bulb as this type of bulb generates a broad continuous light which includes both visible and invisible near-infrared radiation (which is known for its ability to simulate metabolic energy). metabolism. energy).

  • Twelve basic colour filters were carefully selected (which are believed to correspond to natural mineral components found in nature). These colours were precisely determined. Nine were from rainbow colours, and an additional 5 were added as intermediate colours.

  • The colours are used in accordance to whether they are stimulating (red side of spectrum) or sedating (blue side of spectrum). Each colour has designated specified effects.

  • The body is separated into 22 specific areas. Treatments are formulated so that the correct colour is used for the correct area.

  • Dinshah recommended treatments of 1 hour and sometimes at a specified time of the day, always in a darkened room for optimal effects.

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