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New Colour Therapy Research Study Soon To Be Launched in Fremantle, W.A.

Colour Therapy is coming to Fremantle. If you are wanting to explore some of the benefits and effects that colour can have on your psyche, a new research study will be launched later this year, involving the use of short 10 minute sessions in a novel unique colour therapy device called a Monocrom Dome (invented and hand manufactured in Sweden). The Monocrom Dome emits pure monochromatic colours into a dome which fits over the head, giving the sense of floating in space with colours surrounding your entire visual field. Maniisha's intention is to expose a minimum of 12 people to this technique and study the effects that the colour has on their mood, via questionnaires, Heart rate Variability tests and an electophotographic camera (Kirlian-based camera called GDV). Results will be shared on this website. If you are interested to participate in this study, contact Maniisha Bluntschli on 0437 968 277.

Safe  Natural  Effective Therapy

4 Mortlock St, Hamilton Hill,

W. Australia. 6163

Ph - 0437 968 277 

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