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Monocrom Dome

A holographic colour therapy experience giving 

profound uplifting psychological benefits.


This unique form of colour therapy is the invention of Swedish colour therapist and inventor, Karl Ryberg. It consists of a dome which sits over the head area, while a projector beams pure colours (of your choice) into the inner reflective surface of the dome.



The dome was created to replicate a huge eye and is similar in contruction to a planetarium. The effect of being inside the dome is similar to being inside a planetarium. Its design exhibits a 'Ganzfeld' effect, which means it creates an altered perception, by amplifying visual signals to the higher brain cortex, often giving a  sense of 'floating',  being in space, a bodiless sensation and sometimes even an altered state of consciousness.

The after-effect is unique to every individual. It is quite common for some people to experience mild to strong detoxification processes (in body and mind). However, by large, most people experience an after-effect of peace, joy, upliftment and sometimes even profound beneficial psychological shifts.

The dome is primarily an instrument of 'consciousness change' along with 'alot of fun'! The experience is usually extremely pleasurable.


Only 10 minutes of monochromatic light is needed per session. For children, 5 minutes is sufficient.


The visual information is highly concentrated, so the body and brain needs time to digest and adapt to the changes. For this reason, subsequent sessions are usually only required approximately between 2 to 4 weeks later.


Clients soon notice a marked improvement of physical and emotional status.

Often a series of 4 to 6 sessions are all that is required to give lasting beneficial changes.


"My first (and only so far) experience on the monocrom dome was an unexpected surprise.


After the initial tiny trepidation I felt at going 'inside' this space-like looking contraption, I relaxed, and went for the ride...I felt indescribable joy and peace as I layed there, playing with the console in my hand to explore the different colours. It felt like 'going home' to a space or place I had come from.. a place beyond this time and physical world.. It was extraordinary.. How could just colours do this?

I found that only after 6 or so minutes, I felt I had enough., so came out of the dome.

But the effects did not stop there! I was totally surprised by the after-effect. The intensity of my feelings which were coursing through my entire being for the hour after the session were so totally unexpected. It was as if my bio-chemistry had been flooded with endorphins and whatever other   type of joy hormones natural to our body. I actually was sitting in a lecture, so it was quite a job to focus ..

The beauty of this is that these effects lingered with me for at least a good month afterwards, and I feel they have made their mark. You see, I had been struggling with a sense of grief and sadness over a perceived loss of a loved family member. This had been troubling me for nearly a year, and joy was a difficult emotion for me to experience. But I have to say, that this short experience in the monocrom was a real turning point for me emotionally. I have not felt the same sadness since (now 4 months ago) and I have felt a renewed sense of love and vigor for life.

It is hard to explain how and why this could be so, just from a short colour session, but my sense is that this invention is a divinely inspired creation - designed to bring relief and much needed change to our suffering human condition. Karl, the inventor, I since found out, is related to the famous Nobel Prize winner Niels Ryberg Finsen, for his light therapy invention for treating TB. Maybe the transcription of genes has followed on to his predecessors, and maybe this time, the Nobel prize needs to be given for helping heal the inner inflictions of the mind.

Check it out! Its so worth it..!"

(M.B., Australia)


Dr. Klinghardt in his article 'Some Facts and Research on Using Color and Light for Healing', describes one of 5 pathways which explains how colour affects us psychologically and physiologically.

The amygdala is a colour sensitve part of the limbic brain (considered to be the 'emotional brain'). A study showed that neurons in the amagydala are 'turned on' by specific monochromatic wavelengths of colour, which then induces a release of neuro-transmitters into the cerebro-spinal fluid, creating  distinct physiological and psychological effects.

Specific neurons within the amygdala were found to have specialized sensitivity to specific wavelengths of colours, each releasing different neuro-chemicals as a result. It was noted that these neurons were triggered by monochromatic colours only (not normal polychromatic).


This may explain why the monocrom dome has such a significant and profound physiological and psychological effect.

This system is expected to be installed in the clinic in Perth as of November 2016.



There are several design factors which make this creation special.

Firstly, the projector inside the dome filters out external wavelengths of other colours, making monochromatic colours with approximately 12 nm bandwidth. This means the colours chosen are very pure in essence, and share a same technical property as laser light.

The exactness of the monochromatic colours has very definite and pronounced therapeutic qualities.

Secondly, the source of light being used is of a very high quality - generated from an inert noble gas, xenon. Xenon is a pure gas which produces a special light of high quality - often used in cinemas and scientific applications.

Thirdly, the design of the dome features analogue technology for professional performance. Its dimensions and materials used are such as to produce powerful holographic effects.


The holographic irradiation in the dome has undoubtedly a profound psychological impact.

The dome has not yet undergone formal clinical studies for its effects and benefits on specific disorders. It is my belief that this system, along side with some dietary and lifestyle habit changes, could have positive effects in treating a wide range of neurological and psychological-based conditions, such as -


and a host more.  However, the inventor of this system maintains he wishes to keep this system for 'light' and joy purposes, rather than 'treating illnesses'. With further use, the facts and findings will emerge as to the true usefulness of this novel system.

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • ADDH

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Insomnia

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