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Hi, I'm Maniisha Bluntschli. My passion is healing, and has been for over 30 years.  I consider myself an eclectic, delving into the science and art of an array of healing methods - from micro-current ENAR, essential oil therapy, naturopathic dietary discoveries, acupuncture, light and colour therapies, herbal medicine (both Chinese and Western) and more...

I chose the name 'Sage Acupuncture and Light Therapies..' because I am indeed 'well-seasoned' and love the herb sage too!

I am drawn to working with women, mothers, children and stressed or in pain people. I love seeing the transformation of faces and bodies - from stress and tightness to a peaceful, relaxed state after the work is administered.


My belief is that our bodies heal themselves - given the opportunity. Healthful thinking, eating and living are the foundations to all well-being.


Everyone deserves to be healthy - and to receive caring, effective, safe, non-invasive therapy to help them get 'back on track'..This is where I become useful!

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Acupuncture & Light Therapies
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The clinic is located in quiet. lush,

homely grounds


Hamilton Hill,

Western Australia. 

Safe  Natural  Effective Therapy

4 Mortlock St, Hamilton Hill,

W. Australia. 6163

Ph - 0437 968 277 

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