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My Personal Journey into Acupuncture and Colour Light Therapies

I was exposed to healthy living principles from a very early age. My parents were Swiss and my mother had natural healthy lifestyle ‘in her blood’.  She introduced me to all sorts of natural healthy tips - some of them were even considered ‘wacky’ (at least to my friends). I would bring frozen peppermint tea drinks to school (instead of bright red frozen cordial) and make my own muesli for breakfast (which included superfoods like beepollen and brewer’s yeast.). My mother took me to my first yoga class when I was 13 and I have practiced yoga ever since!..

When I graduated from high school, I felt a little lost as to what to choose for a career. All I knew was that I was driven to help people. Given my mother’s strong influence, I chose to study naturopathy and herbal medicine from the young age of 19 years old..and have stayed with that ever since too!

When I was half way through my naturopathic studies, I visited an acupuncture clinic in Cairns. Even though there was nothing particularly ‘wrong’ with my health, I was keen to experience this healing art -to know what it was about, first hand. In this initiating first session, very little information was passed (verbally) – in fact, the practitioner was rather silent. He inspected my tongue and felt my pulse. With that, he proceeded to insert one single needle into my ear. That was all!


He also instructed me that whatever I chose to do in life, I was to do it with my utmost will, drive and passion… I was curious to know why he said that.. and later, I discovered why. I now know that the single ear point he used was the Kidney point. He had detected a deficiency of energy in my kidneys. In Chinese medicine, each organ has a psychological attribrute which nourishes the organ and also another which depletes it. In the case of the kidneys, fear drains their function, whereas will power, determination and drive strengthen it. 

The experience of the needle itself was painless, yet I remember it having a profound effect on me..emotionally and  energetically.. I felt good! My curiosity was ignited.. 

When my naturopathic studies were complete, I decided I wanted to be able to help people generate quick and 'energetc' changes in their bodies as well as the physical, slower, organic changes of diet and herbal therapy,  so I took action to study acupuncture...and again, I have never looked back since!

On the matter of my introduction to colour and  light therapy– once again I experienced (first hand) two almost ‘miraculous’ transformative sessions which led me to explore this field too. The first incident occurred in my early twenties when I was sick in bed with stomach pains, high fever and slightly delirious. A friend had come to visit me who was an experimenter and healer of sorts – quite ingenious. He brought with him a simple colour torch and asked if he could shine some coloured light onto my body for a while. I agreed, and as I was delirious, I have little recollection of the exact colours used, except some yellow near the navel area. Only a few minutes later, I broke into perspiration, my fever broke, the stomach pains subsided and I felt reasonably ‘clear’ in the mind once again. Within an hour, I felt well again. I was astonished!

My second colour transformative experience occurred at the International Light Association conference in Vienna, only recently. This time, I had the opportunity to ‘test’ and ‘trial’ different colour therapeutic methods. I was led to a rather strange looking contraption, a large metallic sphere covering the face, attached to a light source. Now this experience TOTALLY came unexpected and blew my perceptions of what colour was capable of doing – out the window! In short, after less than 10 minutes of beautiful self-selected monochromatic colours from a pure noble gas bulb light source, I was reeling. I am inexperienced in taking drugs (a little conservative in that area!), though the effects were what I considered would be similar to a 'good high' - feelings of  pure  joy, lightness and love which permeated my being (powerfully) for about an hour. This feeling  lingered in a lessened (but still present state) for months after. Some grief issues I had been harbouring seemed to no longer bother this day. Is this possible that colour can have such a potent effect on emotions and brain chemistry?  It certainly was enough to throw me into a journey of exploring, reading, researching, applying this powerful, yet often under-estimated healing art…prolifically.

Aside from these wonderful experiences, my interest in the ‘scientific nature of matter’ – the pure quantum core physics underlying our material world, our physical bodies and what runs our biochemistry - was the other motivating force which led me through the journey of exploring ‘light’ therapeutics. I have discovered that every cell and every biochemical reaction in our body needs light to function, just like plants require light to survive.

I soon discovered the world of near infra red therapy, and its amazing abilities to diminish pain, reduce inflammation and even heal brain traumas, injuries and tinnitus. I started to encorporate the use of light and colour (alone and in combination with acupuncture) to improve and maximize clinical results, which it has - considerably.


I have discovered that light behaves very similarly to ‘qi’ of the body which the Chinese spoke of. It is transmitted along the meridians - our semi-conductor pathways of light and energy, dispersing life energy to all areas of the body. I have found since practicing light and colour with acupuncture, the two systems blend and lend to each other synergistically..


As the area of ‘light’ therapeutics (or also known as photo-biomodulation) is still relatively new and unexplored, I am very excited to be part of the wave of therapists heralding in these methods by studying, researching and documenting the effects that colour and light has, particularly on neurological and emotional disorders - as well for pain and rejuvenating biological tissue. 

Its a very exciting journey!


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