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GDV Camera

(Russian Kirlian Electro-Photography)

'Every living thing emits light

and is made of light."

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The GDV is a method in which the human bio-field can be measured.


The GDV camera is a light sensitive camera which measures the weak electron (photon) light emissions from your finger tips.

It is classified as a medical diagnostic device in Russia where it originated from, and widely used as a research tool.


The gas discharge visualization (GDV) camera, was developed by Dr. Korotkov Co., St. Petersburg, Russia, and is the best-known form of contemporary high-voltage electrophotography based on the Kirlian effect.

Kirlian photography (a technique which records photographic images of coronal light discharges of living creatures showing the bio-energetic field of living creatures)  was first discovered in Russia in 1948. The GDV technique is a modernized form of this technique which uses  computerized analysis.

The GDV camera emits a micro pulse charge (10-microsecond) of high-frequency (1024 Hz), high-voltage electricity (10-15 kV), which (safe to body) induces a response from the body to emit a flare of visible light.


A electro-glass plate in the camera captures the glowing gas plasma of charged particles from the finger which is then sent to a computerized program for analysis.


The evaluation of the fingertip sectors and their comparison with particular organs and tissues in the GDV software is based on both the system of acupuncture meridians and su jok (a form of Korean hand acupuncture). This is the method by which the bio-energetic field of organs, body systems and  parts are identified to measure the state of the energetic health.

In assessing the health of the bio-field, factors such as coherency of emissions, symmetry and energy output are all taken into account. Unusual signs, such as flares and 'satellite' types of  forms are considered unhealthy states.

This science is still in its infancy stage and, even though it offers promising possibilities to be used for preventative diagnostic and research tools, it still requires more wide use and study, particularly in correlating to other diagnostic tools in order to give full accepted credit in medical fields.

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This diagnostic system can be useful for -

  • Identifying health issues before they manifest (as it reads the bio-energetic field which is considered a precursor to physical conditions). In this way is can be used as a preventative assessment.

  • Research assessment tool. The body very quickly changes its energy status in response to therapies or activities, and in this way taking photographs before and after a therapy can indicate the effectiveness of that therapy.

  • Feedback on emotional states. The camera easily registers energy patterns from disturbed (or balanced) emotional states and gives a clear, concise reading on how we are faring in this area.

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