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What is a typical session like?


The first time you visit, you will be asked questions regarding your health, history and lifestyle. Your tongue will be observed and pulse felt. These are important Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostic tools. Further diagnostic measures may be taken. Once a diagnosis and treatment plan is formulated, you lay on a massage table in a quiet private room. If you receive iris-phototherapy, (which helps the body relax into parasympathetic state, priming the body to heal better), a small fibre optic cable emitting gentle (usually blue or violet pulsating light) will be placed about 2 cms from your eyes, for up to 30 seconds over each eye. Acupuncture needles may be inserted (depending on your choice whether to use needles or not) into ear or body points. The same light fibre optic cable is then used on the skin on to irradiate a chosen appropriate colour onto acupuncture points (body and ear) approximately for 1 minute each. The session lasts for about 20 minutes, depending whether you need further work (with Near Infra Red, moxa or massage therapy).


What sort of session do I get if my body is in pain?

The above protocol is the same, with additional Near Infra Red (NIR) therapy stimulation over key pain areas and related acupuncture points. NIR is delivered by a portable ‘wand’ which has NIR light emitting diodes (LED) at the end which is placed on the skin itself for approximately 1 minute per point (sometimes longer if the pain is severe). Usually between 5 to 15 acupuncture or key points are used for the NIR therapy. Often essential oils (to reduce inflammation) or magnesium oil (to relax muscles) followed by a short massage and infrared heating lamp are applied for extra benefit.


Can I claim with private health funds?

Yes, providing your health insurance coverage covers you for acupuncture, remedial massage or naturopathy. All these services are provided and covered in the clinic.


Is there anything I should do before or after sessions?

Drink, keep warm, rest. Drink enough pure water before and after sessions. Light, NIR and the oils used increase the body’s detoxification processes. Water is required to help waste metabolites to be excreted effectively.

If you are receiving treatment for pain, keep your body warm, especially the area being worked on. Warmth keeps the blood circulating, allowing the repairing benefits to continue. Its also best not to do strenuous exercise or stretching after sessions addressing pain, as the regenerative effects may be undone, or soft tissue may be re-injured if overstretched. With all treatments, rest and take your time to enjoy and feel the benefits.


How many sessions do I need and how often?

Depending on the severity and duration – acute (recent) conditions usually only require 2 to 3 (sometimes only 1) sessions and are best delivered every second day (or even daily). Chronic conditions (older than 6 weeks old) require a longer period to treat, anything from 6 to 12 sessions or more, usually spaced weekly or twice weekly.


What do I feel with acupuncture and light?


Insertion of acupuncture needles are often painless when penetrating the skin if inserted quickly and correctly. Though once the needle is in, it is often beneficial to ‘go fishing’ for the ‘qi’ response. This is when the needle activates the energy of the point and is usually felt as either a short type of mild  electric shooting sensation, a little ‘grabbing’ or contraction around the needle, heaviness, dull ache, tingling and sometimes an indescribable (not unpleasant) sensation at distant areas of the body. This is due to the 'qi' circulating through and activating the body’s network of energy conductive pathways (likened to our own fibre-optic electrical system). Most needle sensations are short-lived, and then not much else is felt at all, except for a sense of deep relaxation.

When light and colour is administered, there is very little sensation experienced, although sometimes a mild tingling or warmth may be experienced.



What are the after effects of acupuncture and light sessions?

The after effects are often mild drowsiness, relaxation and a feeling of need to sleep (the body’s desire to repair and heal – so listen to it!) Sometimes there is also an energized and ‘light’ feeling.


Is it safe?

Acupuncture is safe when administered correctly. Only disposable needles are used in the clinic. Light is extremely safe, non-invasive and eliminates any risk of contamination, bleeding or bruising The light administered in iris-phototherapy (close to the eye) is low powered and very safe for eye tissue in the small amounts. It is unlike laser light which requires eye protection.



What is the cost?

All sessions for acupuncture, naturopathy and light therapy (inclusive of massage therapy) are $75 per hour. Most sessions are approximately 1 hour in duration.

Frequently Asked Questions

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