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ENAR  Therapy

Revolutionary Micro-Current Feedback Therapy - 


With Proven Researched Pain Relieving Benefits


The ENAR is an entirely different form of feedback device.


What makes it unique is that when micro-current impulses are sent into an area, the signals are modified (according to skin impedence and severity of diseased state of the tissue). The signals are then sent via a loop to the brain and returned back to the area as a modified signal to 'repair' and correct the impairment.

To put it simply, the device not only gives you feedback - it gives you modified feedback to adjust the problem.

This can be clearly felt by both the practitioner and patient.


The ENAR is a small electro-therapy device which transmits microcurrent impulses to the skin, which is then fed back to the brain, nerve tissue and finally back to the original area as a modified signal. As such, it is classified as a bio-feedback technique, however is is quite different to a TENS machine.

ENAR stands for Electro Neuro Adaptor Response. It is safe, non-invasive, easy to use and very effective for treating pain or areas which have become inflamed or diseased.

This unique product is made in Australia, by pioneers in the field at Enlightened Therapies. It has been tested in University clinical trials with promising findings..


Research findings at the Sydney MacQuarie University showed that ENAR Therapy gave significant and sustained results treating Chronic Neck Pain, Related Disability, Functional Restoration and General Health in comparisom to the TENS and a Placebo. 

Learn more about this study Here.


Another in-depth analysis of ENAR therapy user and patient experience involving hundreds of case studies has been compiled, peer reviewed and published by RMIT University in Melbourne.

Learn more about this review Here.



Fast Pain Relief

Restores Joint Mobility and Function

Improved Circulation

Facial Beauty Rejuvenation

Improved Nerve Health and Function

The ENAR has been used successfully for -

  • All types of pain

  • Arthritis

  • Chronic Injuries

  • Headaches

  • Ovarian Cysts

  • Fibroids

  • Poor Digestion

  • Breast Lumps

  • Nerve Impairment

  • Muscle Tension

  • Cramps

  • Poor Sleep

  • Nervousness

  • Anxiety

  • Constipation

  • Thyroid Lumps

  • Sinusitis

  • Ear Infections

and More...


When the ENAR device is placed on your skin, it is usually set at a low amplitude setting. You may feel nothing. The setting is then slowly increased (you or the practitioner can increase this).

When a slight tingling or prickling sensation is experienced, the setting is usually suitable and correct.

As the device is rubbed over areas, 'hot spots' may be experienced. These are areas where there is a higher skin impedance and where the body tissue is working 'under par' or is inflamed. You will be alerted to this quickly as the sensation of prickling increases.

The practitioner will also detect the 'hot spot' area, by the device becoming harder to move - a type of 'stickiness', or resistance to move - is experienced.

When the area is worked (rubbed over in different directions), the prickling sensations lessen as the condition begins to self-correct itself.

As cells 're-charge', the level of resistance decreases. The bio-electric charge flows more freely through the area, producing lessened prickling sensation. This is a sign of improved tissue health and is often accompanied by less inflammation and pain.

The ENAR is a simple and ingenious method of both locating and treating areas of poor cell function. It corrects and monitors the progress all in one action.



A typical treatment session using the ENAR progresses by first running the ENAR device along the entire length of your spinal column. This is performed so that all the spinal nerves  which innervate all areas of the body, also receive benefit. It is akin to giving the 'root nerves' a tonic treatment first.

Next, this is repeated on the Bladder meridians (about 5 cm either side of the spine). These are potent acupuncture points which relate to all inner organs (for the purpose of recharging organs).

Next the problematic area is treated, usually with sweeping motions in varying directions, for several minutes or until the prickling sensations lessen.

Alternatively, sticky pads can be attached to the problem area (connected to the ENAR) and left in place while you receive acupuncture, massage, colour or Near Infra Red treatments. Combining several methods together can often assist each method synergistically to work better.

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