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Colour Puncture

A Gentle, Enjoyable Needle-Free Alternative to Acupuncture


Expect to have a talk with your practitioner, your tongue looked at and your pulse felt. You will then be asked to lay on a comfortable treatment couch. You close your eyes as you will feel gentle pressure on your skin at various acupoints. You may even fall asleep. There will be a gentle pulsating sound emanating from the photon-stimulator, which causes you to feel deeply relaxed. After 20 minutes or so, you are free to get off the couch (unless of course you recieve other adjunctive treatments).

"A relaxing and enjoyable experience!"


The ear has a complex and intricate network of acupuncture points located on its surface. A specialist area of acupuncture therapy is devoted entirey to treating the ear.

These auricular acupoints can be stimulated (or sedated, depending on the colour chosen) very effectively by administering colour irradiation to the points.

Master points to calm the nervous system are often included in every session, such as Shenmen (Gateway of Spirit), PointZero and Sympathetic points.

Additional 'active' points can be selected by either inspection of ear, an electro-probe to measure skin resistance at the points, pulse and tongue TCM diagnosis  or by simple questioning.


Points are usually irradiated for about 1 minute per point.

A highly effective therapy.


Colour-puncture is acupuncture with the substitution of coloured light in place of needles.

Russians have conducted experiments which prove that light transmits through meridians, just as electrons flow through conductive electrical cables.

Acupoints are particularly light sensitive areas in which the light can enter easily. (Read Here for the article).

The added benefits of colour-puncture over needle acupuncture is that it is gentle and non-invasive. Furthermore, colours can be chosen according to their specific qualities - whether the condition requires heating, stimulating and tonifying or calming and cooling.

Additional features of  this modality includes the setting of a unique frequency pulse rate of the light which 'entrains' brainwaves into a deep relaxed state very quickly.

This technique can be used with or without regular acupuncture needles.



This method is Safe, Painless, Non-Invasive, Gentle and Effective.

No side-effects are experienced and the experience is relaxing, enjoyable and pleasant.

Additinal to the typical acupuncture benefits, colour light strenghtens the 'qi' the pulsing light induces brainwaves  into deep relaxed alpha states.

Want to Know More About How Meridians Transmit Light? Read This Article.

Want to Know More About Research Project ‘The Psychological, Cognitive and Bio-Energetic Effects of Colour-Puncture on Depressed Individuals ? Read This Document


This instrument is the device of choice for administering colour-puncture.

Its special features include -

  • Fibre optic cable

  • Xenon gas globe (pure light source, with similar spectrum to sunlight)

  • Pulsed frequencies to match healing brainwaves

  • Selection of over 24 colours based on Dinshah's colour theories

Read here for more information on the Photon Stimulator.


  • Children

  • Elderly

  • Weak Consitution people

  • Highly sensitive patients

  • Rehabilitating patients

  • Low energy or tired people

  • Nervous/anxious

  • People with a dislike/fear of  needles

  • Anyone wishing to have acupuncture in a gentle manner

Interested to Partake in Clinical Studies Involving Colour-Puncture Effects on Mood Disorders, Contact Me Here

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