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A new study using colour therapy is soon to come to Fremantle.  


On a recent visit to the International Light Association annual conference in Vienna, Maniisha was exposed to a novel form of colour therapy by Swedish inventor, Karl Ryberg, called the Monocrom Dome.


This colour therapy method uses pure monochromatic colours which are reflected inside a dome which sits around the head of a person. The effect is stunning. A floating sensation is experienced amongst a sea of exquisite colour (of your own choice). The session lasts 10 minutes, and due to its poweful saturation effects, is only used once fortnightly.

Maniisha intends to invite 15 subjects to undergo a minimum of 4 sessions on the monocrom dome. She will study the mood and bio-energetic changes through the use of questionnaires, a Heart Rate variability test and photographs taken with a GDV camera (electrophotography using Russian Kirlian technology).

The study is expected to run over the months of December 2016, January and February 2017. If you are interested in partaking in this study, please contact Maniisha on 0437968 277.

Safe  Natural  Effective Therapy

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Ph - 0437 968 277 

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