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Articles & Resources

  • An excellent article by Dr. Mercola titled ‘The Power of Biological Light in Healing-    Here


  • Read Dr. Michael Hamblin’s article 'Mechanisms Of Low Level Light Therapy' for a  discussion of cellular effects of light, including the creation of mild oxidants – Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) - that leads to gene transcription and then to cellular repair and healing.    Here


  • For information on the Biophoton Field, read Dr. Mercola's artitle titled  'Five Principles That Can Heal Virtually any Illness - Part 2' -     Here



  • Fascinating material about how color enters and influences the body in the  book, Some Facts and Research on using Color and Light for Healing, 1995, by Dr. D. Klinghardt. MD, PhD.      Here


  • For an indepth discussion on methods of measuring the human energy biofield, including the Russian GDV electophotography camera based on kirlian techniques, read - 'Measurement of the Human Biofield and Other Energetic Instruments' Chapter 20 of "Energetics and Spirituality" by Lyn Freeman     Here

  • For an Article on Brainwave Entrainment, go to this site / article -     Here


  • An informative article titled 'Colour Therapy - Then and Now'  By Helen Graham  -   Here 

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