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We provide safe, effective, non-invasive and innovative energy medicine solutions for the whole family - whether it be for stressed workers, mothers or children, using easy needle-free acupuncture, blending wisdom of oriental medicine with clinically-proven advanced light medicine.


How Our Service is Different

During the course of 27 years of practicing acupuncture, Maniisha Bluntschli, acupuncturist and naturopath from Western Australia, often encountered clients seeking help for varying health ailments, who chose not to engage in ‘needle’ therapy due to their fear of needles.

For this reason, Maniisha often applied massage therapy as an alternative to acupuncture, though massage alone had limitations – effects were often short-lived and could not ‘heal’ or regenerate old soft-tissue injuries.

This all changed when Maniisha Bluntschli began to research and apply the therapy known as ‘photo-therapy’ (or photo-biomodulation), which is essentially the use of different forms of light to effect beneficial physiological changes.

Maniisha began using near infra red and chromatic light / colour (similar to low level laser therapy) to stimulate acupuncture points. She soon found that clinical results were improved, patients accepted treatments more readily and best of all, stubborn chronic conditions started to resolve and change, unlike before.

Now Maniisha uses a combination of needle and photo-therapy in her treatments, often with no needles at all, with impressive results. Results are attributed to the well researched ability of light (pending appropriate wavelength, frequency and power) to increase circulation, regenerate tissue, release nitric oxide and free oxygen species in the body as well as altering brain neuro-chemicals. (see link for how light works)

The use of light has made acupuncture now available to all, even infants and children, or those who prefer not to use needles. This is a safe, easy, gentle and highly effective form of medicine, being the perfect blend of the wisdom of oriental medicine with innovative advanced light medicine.

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About Maniisha's Journey Into Acupuncture
and Light Therapies
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About Maniisha's Qualifications
and Experience
  • Treatments are affordable and personalized, allowing an indepth hour for each session.

  • Children and infants are welome.


  • Safe, gentle, easy and non-invasive sessions.

  • Option to have acupuncture delivered needle-free.


  • 27 plus years of clinical experience.


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Safe  Natural  Effective Therapy

4 Mortlock St, Hamilton Hill,

W. Australia. 6163

Ph - 0437 968 277 

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